Heat Shot – Heated windscreen washer2018-04-15T19:19:30+00:00

Heat Shot

Clears your frozen windscreen from the comfort of inside your vehicle,  a suitable washer bottle additive must be used to stop the washer liquid freezing to the input of the unit.

Heatshot heats your water washer fluid so when you activate your washer the water is worm and helps clear ice and bugs from your windscreen.

Unblocks frozen washer nozzles and stops then freezing while driving.

Keeps your windscreen clear whilst driving no matter what the conditions are.

Operates via the vehicle’s existing wash/wipe controls.

Quickly dissolves salt and road grime.

Improves lifespan on wiper blades.

Installed in the engine bay of any vehicle.

An innovative design used by professionals in all industries to speed on road time, ware and tare on wipers and improving safety on the road.