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GeckTrack Premium offers full vehicle tracking as standard with the edition of a RFID Card or Tag which must be present to start the vehicle.  Even if you have the key to the vehicle; starting will be inhibited until a valid Card or Tag is present.

Every time the vehicle is entered the tracking system gives 5 seconds to provide a valid RFID Card or Tag before sounding an internal alarm. 

This feature is mainly used on our top end vehicles but can be used in any vehicle including commercial vans if required.

RFID-based car immobilisers have been used as theft prevention means for more than eleven years now. Due to continuously increasing theft rates and associated increases in insurance costs in the early 1990’s, insurance companies in Europe started demanding for comprehensive and binding introduction of car immobilisers.

RFID-based car immobilisers are available in different types depending on the respective car specifications. Generally speaking, they comprise a secret code which is matched with the corresponding code on the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) of the car. Only if those two codes match, the ECU permits the engine to start. They come as form of a RFID Tag which is attached to your keys or a RFID card which is kept on person in a wallet etc.

We offer a choice of passive RFID-based car immobilisers which fulfil the highest standards in terms of quality, security, and reliability and are equipped with advanced security and encryption standards.