Excessive Rev Alerts2018-04-15T19:05:06+00:00

At Hot FX Telematics we have developed and made our very own custom Excessive Rev alert device which is a add on unit to our range of trackers. This fantastic little device informs you when your vehicle is constantly revving on a standstill. As you may of seen many cars have caught fire or thousands of pounds worth of damage have been caused when top end vehicles have been revved on standstill for large amounts of time.

This is caused due to unburnt fuel sitting on the bumper then setting alight by the flames from the exhaust.

Many hire cars are abused in this way especially on event where they are on show.

We have listened to our customer’s problems and feedback and created this device working closely with a bespoke developer.

When a vehicle is revved and hits a particular rev on stand still a few times; our device recognises this and then send you and alert with the vehicle header over revving, location, speed and ignition status.

This device is a must on top end luxury cars and no one on the market has this to offer.

Contact us for further information and wed be more than happy to help!