Driver-IQ (Driver Behaviour) is a new system for analysis of qualifying habits, Driving behaviour and efficiency behind the wheel to promote safe & environmentally friendly driving.

Driver-IQ is a driver safety and Eco driving application, designed to improve fleet safety and reduce fleet operating costs. It is one of very few systems on the market that provides a fleet safety and Eco driving solution.

The Driver-IQ device processes and interprets vehicle dynamics and vehicle driving patterns into driver safety and Eco scores, reflecting the driver’s relative level of risk, fuel consumption and emission footprint within the scope of a given vehicle category.

Email alerts are provided for the following driving conditions-

Harsh Braking – when the vehicle is braking in a harsh or heavy manner

Harsh Acceleration – when the vehicle is accelerated at speed in an aggressive manner

Emergency Stop – when a vehicle has braked heavy to a stand still at speed

Legal Speeding – the speed limit of the road is recognised and alerted if the vehicle is going over at the time

Over Speeding – this can be set to any speed but typically set to 90mph

Driving efficiency for

• Fleet Operators
• Insurance company
• Leasing company
• Human Resources
• Short-term hirers

Business Benefits

• A consistent driving style
• Responsible driving
• Steady speed
• Smooth movements and manoeuvres

Improve your bottom line

• Fuel consumption
• Tyre set wear
• Minimizing servicing and repairs stemming
• Reduction insurance premiums

Lower fuel consumption

• Avoid being stationary for long periods with the engine running
• Being in the right gear

Lower CO2 emissions

• Less sudden acceleration
• Steady speed
• Consistent driving style

Benefits for managers

• Lower overheads
• Keeping track of maintenance
• Data profiling / grouping
• Green marketing image
• Rapid, proven return on investment