CCTV & In Car DVRs2018-04-15T19:14:04+00:00

Hot FX Telematics mobile digital video recorders are specifically designed for vehicles. Allows for observation of the vehicle and its surroundings, driver and or passengers, both in real time and via playback.

Key Benefits:

• Improve driver behaviour and road safety

• Reduce accidents both on and off the road

• Reduce insurance claims

• Increase fuel efficiency

• Improve Health and safety

• Help drivers on their driving habits and style

• Prevents insurance fraud and fraudulent accident claims

Ideal for:

  • Private vehicles
  • Public vehicles
  • School Buses
  • Taxi vehicles
  • Off Road vehicles
  • Utility vehicles
  • Commercial Vehicles.

All our DVR have custom options, please call us for a tailor made quote!